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LeaseDirect is one of the few independent national equipment leasing companies in Canada to focus on helping you to grow your business. As a ‘source neutral’ leasing specialist, we would like to be part of your team to provide the funds you need for ongoing growth, not just to handle one transaction. Whether you need lease financing for new or used equipment or vehicles, our specialists will get you the money you need, on competitive terms, in a timely manner.

Our experts help your venture build commercial credit, improve cash flow, diversify financing options, and reduce taxable income to optimize use of depreciating, revenue related assets. We are source neutral: LeaseDirect does not carry inventory; we provide lease financing for dealer, auction, and private sale acquisitions

Why Lease?

  • Build Commercial Credit - you want your company to stand-alone for future borrowing

  • Improve Cash Flow - the number one challenge of small business… stay liquid!

  • Diversify Financing Options - spread risk around; use the right funding option for the purpose

  • Reduce Taxable Income - claim full payments as a rental expense to lower your tax bill

  • Better Expense Tracking - know what your equipment is costing you every month; match to revenue

  • Defer GST / PST / HST - pay taxes on your monthly payments, not up front

Some of the brightest successes we have seen occurred when smart clients acquired good used equipment. If it does the same job as new, why not? It is important for us that you recognize that used equipment is just as lease-able through LeaseDirect as is brand new. We love the stuff. Let someone else pay for the first few years of steep depreciation on new gear. Your savings improve business profitability and enhance cash flow. It's a great way to go.  

In a perfect world, we would all have excellent credit. Like the banks, we appreciate good credit management and offer competitive pricing to meet our clients' expectations. We also understand that mistakes happen. Credit scores can get pummeled. The good news is that we work with almost any grade of credit, from `A` (680+ Beacon Score) to `D` (525 or lower). If you need equipment to keep your enterprise on track, we almost always find a way. If you are not sure where you stand please consider downloading your own credit bureau file here. Send it to us via email for a free consultation. When you pull your own bureau there is no negative impact to your beacon score.

Whether it's used equipment or a shiny new pickup truck, we're here to finance your entrepreneurial dreams and creative aspirations, helping you grow a healthy, profitable business, improve credit strength and enhance your balance sheet. LeaseDirect is among a small group of Canadian leasing companies that can assist with financing almost any business asset, from furniture and software, to computer and networking equipment; from pickup trucks and heavy spec highway tractors, to robust passenger vehicles and high-end luxury sports cars. Give us a try? Let's grow your business. 

Lease any commercial equipment or vehicle for your business. Find out why you should lease on our  blog .

Lease any commercial equipment or vehicle for your business. Find out why you should lease on our blog.


Please call toll free 1-888-202-2185 or text 1-403-701-5877 and let's talk about your financing requirements and get you pre-approved in minutes. Leasing is a great alternative to bank or vendor financing options.  Our lease approvals are fast, offering quick payments to dealers, auctions or private sellers. We always do our best to ensure that your confidential information is handled with the utmost discretion and privacy. If you want to get started right away, just:

Download the application.

For the best possible terms, please include a complete set of financial statements with your application (including accountant’s notes front & back). Newer businesses, please include the personal tax summaries/notices of assessment of the principal shareholders for the last two years.