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Take the bank and the dealer's business office out of the equation. No pressure. Our leasing specialists will finance the vehicle you love, and the equipment you need for your venture. Let's do some good business.
Privacy. A quick leasing application process. Fast funding. AMVIC Licenced. We'll keep you moving.

Audi R8 Spyder

Specialty auto Leasing

Leasing that special new or used car, SUV or pickup truck you've always wanted is a great way to enhance the corporate image -- and live a little! Source it from a dealer, auction or private sale -- we'll wrap it in a super lease.

John Holt Land Rovers

custom Pickup & SUV Leasing

Whether for sales, marketing or promotional purposes, LeaseDirect can help you acquire and lease unique SUVs and pickups to operate within your business. Pay in before tax dollars. Enhance the company image.

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